The Holy Spirit

Sunday Morning Series on the Holy Spirit

5-31-20 “The Gifts of the Spirit”
“Spiritual Offices”

5-24-20 “The Gifts of the Spirit”
“Additional Gifts” – Part 2

5-17-20 “The Gifts of the Spirit”
“Additional Gifts” – Part 1

5-10-20 “The Gifts of the Spirit” – Part 4
“The Gifts that Say”

5-3-20 “The Gifts of the Spirit” – Part 3
“The Gifts to Do”

4-26-20 “The Gifts of the Spirit” – Part 2
“The Gifts to Know” 

4-19-20 “The Gifts of the Spirit” Part 1

3-28-20 “The Fruit of the Spirit” Part 2

3-22-20 “The Fruit of the Spirit” Part 1

3-15-20 “The Work of the Holy Spirit” Part 2

3-8-20 “The Work of the Holy Spirit” Part 1

3-1-20 “The Deity of the Holy Spirit” 

69 Responses to The Holy Spirit

  1. Daniel says:

    I have listened to all the sermons

  2. Daniel says:

    I have listened to all the sermons they have enriched my walk with Jesus

  3. Michael and Lizette says:

    2 listened. Thank you Pastor Greg!!

  4. Capt Kirk says:

    Praise God! I love this facet of insight on this Palm Sunday message!

    Thank you Pastor Greg. May the Shalom of God be you and your family.

    2 of us were listing.

  5. Frank Ponzo says:

    Great message, only one person

  6. Grace Hoke says:

    Thank you for the message Pastor!! The entire Hoke family listened together (4)

  7. Tammy says:

    Thank you Pastor Greg.
    I needed this message this morning.


    Dennis & Normie Azevedo enjoyed Pastor Greg service .

  9. ricky bowe says:

    2 people listened

  10. Carol Babb says:

    May God continue to bless our church. Thank you Pastor Greg.

  11. Debi Simpson says:

    Thank you Pastor Greg! Your teaching (as always) was rich and powerful . Like water to my soul…
    May we always be believers of true service !

  12. Mario & Rachael Alvarez says:

    We listened to the messages for 3/28 and 4/4.

  13. Carol Babb says:

    Thanks be to God, for the technology that allows his children to hear these sermons from our Pastor. I have listened to all the services.

  14. Lou Correa says:

    Thank you, and thank God. My disabled Veteran Brothers are mixed. I’ll do the best I can to steer them in the right direction regardless.

  15. Capt. Kirk says:

    Hold fast my brethren, hold fast! May the Holy Spirit strengthen our grip.
    2 were listening.

  16. Peggy L Hendershot says:

    Hold Fast – thank you for your words of encouragement Pastor Greg. All your messages have been a blessing and encouraging to hold on to until we can meet again!

  17. Troy Bryant says:

    Thank You for doing what you do and sharing the gospel. Awesome and Powerful instruction. May God Bless you and all of your family.

  18. Michael and Lizette says:

    2 listened this morning!! Thank you Pastor Greg.

  19. Bobby and Susanne says:

    Thank you Pastor Greg! Even as we continue to hear your message we look forward to worshipping and being together as a body soon!

  20. Carol Babb says:

    Happy Resurrection Day! Thank you, Pastor Greg, for a beautiful Sunday service.

  21. ricky bowe says:

    2 Listeners

  22. Debi Simpson says:

    Holding fast with all my body mind and spirit!
    Thank you!

  23. Jim says:

    Amen! God transforms lives according to the Scriptures!

  24. Frank Ponzo says:

    Thank you

  25. Jim and Pam says:

    Amen! Help us all to live in the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit!

  26. Peggy L Hendershot says:

    Wonderful, wonderful message – Powerful

  27. John A Hendershot says:

    Listened to your message and am very thankful. Feel you are reaching the nations.

  28. ricky bowe says:

    1 listener

  29. Paula says:

    Great word this morning as always and very insightful. Thank you Pastor Greg

  30. Debi Sinpson says:

    Awesome! Thank you for reminding me of how far-reaching is the power of the Holt Spirit residing in and available to me !

  31. Carol Babb says:

    God bless you Pastor Greg. Just listened to services on 4/19.

  32. Troy Bryant says:

    Excellent Word. Thank You for this teaching (4/19) and reminding us about these Gifts and that we need to be using them/sharing them!

  33. Troy Bryant says:

    Thank You for this Great Message! I will be wearing my gifts of The Spirit prescriptive glasses this week!

  34. Capt. says:

    So practical and so encouraging Pastor, thank you.

    2 were listening.

  35. Martha garner says:

    Enjoy and so true of times today thank you pastor Greg

  36. Jim & Pam says:

    Great teaching! The gifts are alive in every believer!

  37. ricky bowe says:

    2 Listeners Thank You Greg!

  38. Carol Babb says:

    Thank you for this teaching, Pastor Greg.

  39. Mourad Morkos says:

    Thank you pastor Greg for your enriched teaching sermons what hits me about gift of faith just to stand in line traveling without money In ,your pocket ,our freedom is now jeopardized allowing WHO over Law .Sad

  40. Troy Bryant says:

    Thank You for this great message this morning and I will be doing my best to share my faith, to unwrap that package and pass it around! God Bless You Pastor.

  41. Debi Simpson says:

    So encouraging and timely for such a time as this

  42. Capt. Kirk says:

    So applicable Pastor. Thank you so much for making God’s word revelant to our daily lives and season we are living in.

    2 were listening

  43. Jeff. Danilla And Isaiah says:

    Thank you pastor for taking the time to teach gods word we miss u
    3 listen

  44. Frank says:

    The teaching was for me very personal, I felt as if you were speaking to me. My heart was filled with a more purposeful direction. Thank you for this timely teaching.

  45. Jim & Pam says:

    Another great teaching on the gifts for today!

  46. Madison says:

    Thank you Pastor Greg & Bless you & your whole Families.
    A timely message, for us as a church: on Faith, Healing & Miracles.
    Praying for faith, healing & miracles; that we would learn to use and apply them to our lives & those around us. Blessings (1 attended)

  47. ricky bowe says:

    2 people heard the message

  48. Carol Babb says:

    Thank you Pastor Greg. I truly enjoyed this service.

  49. Troy Bryant says:

    Thank You Pastor for this teaching. Very grateful to be reminded that God is The Pursuer and we are The Beneficiary! How cool is that?

  50. Becky Reed says:

    I have been so blessed with the series on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Thank you very for reminding the importance of stepping out in faith and exercising them.

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