Good Friday Service

4-10-20 “Good Friday”

Before listening prepare communion elements
(bread or cracker and juice or water if you don’t have juice)
to be taken along with Pastor Greg at the end of the message.

12 Responses to Good Friday Service

  1. Michael and Lizette says:

    5 listened. Thank you Pastor Greg

  2. Jeff&Danilla says:

    3 listened

  3. ricky bowe says:

    3 listeners

  4. Carol Babb says:

    Thank you Pastor Greg. Blessings to you and your family.

  5. Capt. Kirk says:

    Impactful! Thank you Pastor.

    2 listened

  6. Madison says:

    Awesome Message Pastor Greg.
    Thank you.
    Especially in going through the 14 Stations of the cross.
    My prayer is that people’s hearts would be opened and receptive, and truly come to a full knowledge of Jesus Christ and all He has done for us.
    Have a blessed evening, with your families & loved ones.Be safe & protected, under our Loving Savior’s care. Blessings

  7. Rachael Alvarez says:

    I listened to Good Friday service. Thank you

  8. Pam Brewster says:

    I never heard the Stations before. Very concise.

  9. Jim says:

    Thanks for the great teaching on the stations of the cross! I’ve sat in Catholic Church many times for weddings and with friends and relatives and thought about the Roman numerals and scenes depicted on the walls in the sanctuary.

  10. Cathy Croteau says:

    Thank you Pastor Greg listened from Texas

  11. Kathy Ghrist says:

    So good to hear you preach! Good message!

  12. Adriana Tavison says:

    Hello Pastor Greg, I’m going through every sermon you have posted. They are up lifting and they give me hope Thank you and many blessings to the church.

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