“The First Siblings”
September 23, 2020


“The First Marriage”
September 16, 2020


“Creation Day 7”
September 9, 2020

“Creation Day 6”
September 2, 2020

“Creation Day 5”
August 26, 2020

“Creation Day 4”

“Creation Day 3”

“Creation Day 2” 

“Creation – The First Light”

“Creation – The Gap Theory”

“The Creator”

“Creation Introduction”

11 Responses to Genesis

  1. Paula Campbell says:

    Enjoyed the introduction to Creation. Looking forward to future teachings on the subject. Always a good and insightful word from our Pastor. Two were listening.

  2. Carol Babb says:

    Thank you Pastor Greg.

  3. Troy Bryant says:

    Thank You for the reminder that we have been fearfully and wonderfully created in Gods image. So what do we have to fear? This was profound for me at this very moment.

  4. Jim says:

    We were created in God’s image! Thank You Lord! Amen!

  5. Carol Babb says:

    Thank you Pastor Greg. Just listened to your messages dated 6/10 & 6/17. God bless you!

  6. Danilla Toppen says:

    thank you!

  7. Paula says:

    I am really enjoying these teachings on creation. They are very insightful and challenging me to think differently about these passages.

  8. Troy Bryant says:

    Thank You Pastor Greg for helping me to be more equipped to share the truth of creation. I am going do my best to be fruitful today!

  9. Danilla says:

    Thank you pastor greg

  10. Peggy Hendershot says:

    Thank you for this weeks messages .

  11. Normie -Dennis Azevedo says:

    Thank you Pastor Greg for your sermon

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