The Book of Matthew

2-20-2022 “Peter Disowns Jesus”

2-6-2022 “Jesus in the Garden”

1-30-2022 “Peter’s Denial”

1-23-2022 “Preparation, Betrayal, Remembrance”

1-16-2022 “Our Worship”

3-21-2021 “Blind Guides”

3-14-2021 “Jesus Walks On Water”

3-7-2021 “Jesus Feeds the 5,000”

2-28-2021 “Cancel Culture”

2-21-2021 “A Prophet Without Honor”

2-14-2021 “The Parable of the Net”

2-7-2021 “The Treasure and The Pearl”

1-31-2021 “The Reality of Hell”

1-24-2021 “The Parable of the Mustard Seed and Yeast”

1-17-2021 “The Wheat and Tares”

1-10-2021 “Seed Scatterer’s”

1-3-2021 “Parables”

12-27-2020 “Forgetting What Is Behind”

12-20-2020 “The Church Family”

12-13-2020 “A Hard Heart”

12-6-2020 “A Tree and Its Fruit”

11-29-2020 “Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit”

11-22-2020 “A House Divided”

11-15-2020 “God’s Chosen Servant”

11-8-2020 “Mercy Over Sacrifice”

11-1-2020 “His Yoke”

10-24-2020 “Repentance”

10-18-2020 “John the Baptist”

10-11-2020 – “The Cost”

10-4-2020 – “Marching Orders – Do Not Fear”

9-27-2020 – “Persecution on the Horizon”

9-20-2020 – “Marching Orders”

9-13-2020 – “Jesus and the 12 Disciples”

9-6-2020 “The Workers are Few”

8-30-2020 “Overcoming Evil”

8-23-2020 “Miracle Healings”

8-16-2020 “New Wine”

8-9-2020 “The Calling of Matthew”

8-2-2020 “Jesus Forgives and Heals”

7-26-2020 “Jesus Restores Two Demon-Possessed Men

7-19-2020 “Jesus Calms the Storm”   

7-12-2020 “The Cost of Following Jesus”

7-8-2020 “The Ministry of Deliverance”

7-1-2020 “The Faith of the Centurion”

6-28-2020 “Healing the Banished” 

6-21-2020 “The Wise and Foolish Builders”

6-14-2020 “True and False Disciples”

6-7-2020 “True and False Prophets”

5-27-2020 “The Narrow and Wide Gates”

5-20-2020 “Ask, Seek, Knock”

5-13-2020 “Judging Others”

5-6-20 “Do Not Worry”

4-29-20 “Treasures In Heaven”

4-22-20 “Fasting”

4-15-20 “Prayer”

4-8-20 “The Last Supper”

4-1-20 “Giving to the Needy”

3-25-20 “Love for Our Enemies”

87 Responses to The Book of Matthew

  1. Carol Babb says:

    Thank you for this wonderful message Grace.

  2. Debi Simpson says:

    So young and so wise.Thank you Gracie for this relatable message. May we never stop seeking after the things of God!

  3. Sandra L. says:

    Thankyou Pastor for reminding us of this narrow road. May we all strive to find it, walk on it and remain on it. Blessings to you and your family.
    Two were listening tonight.

  4. ricky bowe says:

    Greg Thank you so much

    1 listener

  5. Carol Babb says:

    Thank you for this encouraging message, Pastor Greg. Blessings to you and your family.

  6. Mourad Morkos says:

    Great message the key is the word abide like the wide gate inside Moses tabernacle is thirty feet wide but the door for the Holy place is three feet so it looks like 90/10 percentage so thank God for the few abiding real true sons of The Most High in your local Potter church.❤️

  7. John & Peggy Hendershot says:

    Thank you so much for this great message. Such a clear teaching on these passages. Hearing your voice brings comfort to us both. The past few months have certainly been a roller coaster for us but God has shown himself oh so faithful. God’s Blessings to you. John & Peggy

  8. Capt. Kirk says:

    Thank you Pastor Greg for shedding more light and insightfulness to God’s Word.

    2 were listening

  9. Troy Bryant says:

    Thank You for sharing this insight and reminder that we are to be “Doer” of Gods word

  10. Mourad Morkos says:

    Great comforting message P.Paula praying for the coming grandchild Alexander to be delivered safely fully developed ,will be this morning with brothers and sisters at Bobby residence pray for us❤️

  11. Sandra and Kirk says:

    Thankyou Pastor Paula, great message. 2 listened intently.

  12. Capt. Kirk says:

    Wonderful insight Pastor Paula and thank you for those words of encouragement too.

    It’s great to see how the Holy Spirit moves through the body of believers.

    2 were listening

  13. Theresa says:

    Great message, thank you!

  14. Troy Bryant says:

    Great Word. Thank You Pastor Greg!

  15. Becky Reed says:

    Thank you pastors for the beautiful word ministration. May God continue to strengthen you and may His anointing fall afresh on you everyday.

  16. Troy Bryant says:

    Great Word. Thankful that God can use any one of us! Thank You for sharing this message.

  17. Troy Bryant says:

    Great Message! I am excited to see the new wine in new wine skins! Thank You for making this word of God easy for me to understand.

  18. Dennis & Normie Azevedo says:

    We enjoyed the sermon & message today. Thank you Pastor Greg

  19. Paula Campbell says:

    Thank you for your message on “New Wine”. Very good word as always.

  20. Mourad S Morkos says:

    Thanks Pastor Greg for practical message.

  21. Troy Bryant says:

    Good Word. God is moved by our Faith in Action.
    Thank You for this reminder and inspiration.

  22. Paula says:

    As always a good word of encouragement.

  23. Normie- Dennis Azevedo says:

    Great sermon Thank you Pastor Greg

  24. Peggy & John says:

    Thank you Pastor Greg.

  25. Capt. Kirk says:

    Once again, great word Pastor! Thank you for your insight, and ability to teach the scriptures of God in a way that we can receive and apply it to our lives.

    2 were listening

  26. Adriana Tavison says:

    I learned so much about Fasting, it gives me clear direction on how to go about it. I gives Praise to the Lord for this sermon. Thank you Pastor Greg

  27. Peggy Hendershot says:

    Thank you Pastor Greg for posting both the Wednesday night and Sunday morning services.

  28. Capt. says:

    Thank you Pastor Greg for expounding on this term “authority in Christ” and how we are to walk in that authority.

    2 were listening.

  29. Paula says:

    Thank you for the message Pastor Greg. Very enlightening as always.

  30. Peggy L Hendershot says:

    Wow! Matthew 10:16-25 Such a wonderful message. Thank you Pastor Greg.

  31. Troy Bryant says:

    Thank You Pastor for the teaching on practical wisdom. Great Stuff

  32. Adriana Tavison says:

    Pastor Greg, I’ve read the book of Matthew before but these sermons bring a whole new light on them. Thank you for these studies. God bless you.

  33. stephen smerker says:

    Thank you for the teaching sir, i have always enjoyed your teachings pastor Greg, i was just searching around today, I did not know this was here , thank you, i will be listening more sir.

  34. Great message me personally found harmony and unity among Potter family and will do the best of my ability to reinforce unity among home fellowship and Wings as Eagles praying to turn our own homes to be in one accord fulfilling the great mission of our savior ,GBAll❤️

  35. Rachael Alvarez says:

    Thank you Pastor

  36. Paula Campbell says:

    Great message Pastor Greg, thank you!

  37. Paula Campbell says:

    Thank you Pastor Greg. Great and insightful message as always.

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